Are there any Target Stores Near Me?

I had just moved to a new town after high school because I was going to college. There wasn’t a college in the town I grew up in and this one was only an hour or so from where I had lived. I would easily be able to visit my family when I wanted to and they could come visit me too. My first year I decided to live on campus in a dorm. I was completely unprepared when I moved and needed to get some things to decorate my dorm room. I found an ad for Target and they had lots of really cute things I wanted to get. I didn’t know where there was one at close to my home so I started searching for a Target near me.

How to find a Target Near You

I asked my roommate if she knew where the closest Target was at and if she wanted to go with me. She said she wasn’t sure where there was one, but she would go if I found it. She loves Target too and wanted to get things from there as well. I decided to search on my phone and looked for Target with the city and state. I found a few different Targets near me and looked to see which one was the closest. I asked my roommate if she wanted to drive and she said she was not comfortable with driving in this area yet. I told her I would drive there and we got ready to go.

storefront for Target

This is How I Find a Target Store Near Me

When I got in my car, I entered the address into my GPS so I could easily find the location. I figured this would be easier than just going off my memory and looking on the map to see where it was at and trying to find it. My GPS lead me right to Target and it would have been easy to find even without the GPS. My roommate even commented that it wasn’t a bad drive and she should have drove so she could get used to where things were at in this town.

We parked and went into Target and started looking at new decor and other things we needed to get. The only thing I really packed with me were clothes and personal care products. Since I had a good bit of money that I got back from the school I decided to stock up on those type of things too and also get food too. We shopped around for a few hours finding lots of cute things to put in our dorm room. My roommate asked me if I wanted to get a mini fridge to put in there and we could share it. I told her that sounded like a good idea and I would pay half for it. We picked out one that we liked and got some dorm room snacks too.

Target Nearby Me

I loved shopping with my new roommate. We had the same taste when it came to almost everything and it wasn’t hard for us to agree on most everything we bought. I was really happy to be roommates with someone that is laid back and like me in a lot of ways. I honestly thought I would be stuck with someone I didn’t like, but I really like her.

We finished up our shopping and headed back to our dorm room to decorate it. That’s when we remembered a few other things we wanted to get and forgot to pick up while there. She said that she would drive this time if I wanted to go with her. We went back to Target and got the extra things we needed.

I am glad there is a Target near me that is easy to get to. I love shopping at Target more than Walmart and I am so glad it’s close. I found lots of great things there and I know it will be my new go to place especially since it’s so easy to find. So far, I have only had to go a few times, but I will be visiting again when I need food, school supplies or other home decorations.

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